Metamorphosis Therapy Group

Fresno, California.

Courtney Gebhardt - Owner

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I am the owner of Metamorphosis Therapy Group in Fresno, California. A sensory gym serves as a space where children can regulate their bodies and prepare for learning. It is suitable for children with sensory differences, for occupational therapy, for enhancing strength, and for physical therapy. I am extremely pleased with the excellent work of HK Sensory Gym.

Courtney Gebhart

MMG therapy

Washington D.C.

Michelle Gregg - Owner

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Michelle Gregg, owner of MMG Speech and Therapeutic Services in Lakewood, Washington. Working with HK Sensory Gyms was easy, it was fluid, it was stress-free. Definitely something that I was looking for was someone to help me with my vision and create that vision. And it was just an amazing experience overall from every team member that was involved helping me with that piece of, I don’t know what I want, can you help me figure out what I want? Every single one of them was wonderful.

Michelle Gregg